CryptoChefs’ FairDrop #3 | The last & largest one in 2021!

UPDATE: We decided to extend the final date of the fAirDrop as many new Chefs are joining us over in Discord and to give them enough time to make it in. The fAirDrop will officially end on Wednesday, 20 October 2021, 18:00 CET. Distribution will take place right after.

This is your LAST chance to get your hands on free AROMA tokens before we launch our NFT sale. Do not miss this huge opportunity, you’ll regret it!
Once again we stay true to our motives and will distribute the fAirDrop pool evenly across all participants.

The fAirDrop prize pool has even been doubled this time and now amounts to a whopping 100,000 AROMA tokens! Just follow these simple steps to reserve your big piece of the cake.

What are you required to do?

  1. Follow CryptoChefs on Twitter
  2. Like & quote tweet our fAirDrop post pinned on our Twitter and tag 2 friends
  3. Join CryptoChefs Discord server and reach Classic Chef level (2) on the server by actively participating in discussions and chatting with Chefs from around the globe
  4. Fill out the completion form once you fulfill the requirements above

The deadline for participating and fulfilling all requirements is October 17, 12 a.m. CET. The distribution of the tokens will take place on October 21 latest. Everyone is welcome to participate in our last fAirDrop of the year. Bots and cheaters (multiple entries) will be banned. Should you make a mistake in the form, feel free to edit it before the deadline.

About CryptoChefs

CryptoChefs is a team of crypto addicts and hobby chefs around the globe that are looking to redefine how NFTs are used today by developing a new kind of Play-2-Earn NFT game on the Polygon Network. The 5,555 handmade NFTs serve as an entry card into the game, allowing each player to create up to three so-called crypto recipes that require locking up AROMA tokens. Each recipe consists of 3 to 20 cryptocurrencies and is unique. The performance of every recipe is measured by using oracles to fetch real-world data and hence rank every recipe according to that performance. Successful players of the game profit from daily, weekly, monthly, and ad-hoc prize pools in AROMA tokens. Players who do not own a CryptoChef can still participate in the game by simply picking the most interesting recipes and stake their AROMA tokens into these recipes.

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